Casinos will help pay for Chicago pensions

Casinos will help pay for Chicago pensions

Chicago needs revenue, so the city government has decided to open a casino owned by the city.

The money that the casino wins will be kept by the city for seven years to pay pensions.

Newly introduced legislation to the Illinois Senate suggests adding new casinos across the state.

In addition, casinos will be added in Rockford, Vermilion County and Lake County, and smaller casinos will be located in southern Illinois.

This is the idea that the Democrats are trying to implant in the state, and the city casino is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s idea.

The expansion of the game has not been an easy idea to take to the local government. Former Governor Pat Quinn has vetoed legislation twice, although the idea of ​​earning casino revenue to pay pensions seems promising.

The current governor, Brice Rauner, has another point of view on the issue, but has had problems in negotiations with the local Democrats.

If the committee approves the bill, it may still be stuck in Congress, as it has before.

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