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We have three levels of games GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE each have a premium and prizes of different media (as indicated in the calculator) you choose which to play depending on how much you want to win per prize, we have to make 400 numbers recorded per session uninterrupted and in 30 sessions we will find an average of 10 prizes, one or rarely two sessions for each 30 sessions played, we will lose the bonus game, subtracting the monthly benefit.

Welcome to ATELUR.

Warmest greetings, my name is Lars Johansson and I was born in Stockholm, (Sweden). I’m the executive director of and a Mathematical Physicist in the USA.


At the moment I’m living in Europe, where, along with my great team, we’ve created this fantastic tool.


You’ll be asking, why ATELUR?


We change the sense of roulette.

In 1665 the Mathematician Blaise Pascal invented roulette and since then there have been many who have tried to beat it, but few of us have succeeded. You can’t play with the odds of the roulette wheel, as there is a constant percentage which goes in favour of the casinos. What’s needed is a way of playing which flips that percentage in your favour!!


ATELUR is an advanced calculus calculator designed to improve the % monthly earnings for players of live online gaming. Try the calculator for the three day free trial which we offer just for registering with us, or if you prefer try it for a whole month without betting real money and see for yourself what your monthly earnings could be when playing with real money.

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